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I started reading and learning about hacking and cyber security in 2015. 

Then I got more interest in this field and I passed the Certified Ethical Hacking Exam which was very encouraging for me.


Then I did not stop and cracked the Red Hat Linux exam, similarly CompTIA N+ Exam, CSCU and a lot of technology related certificates.

But first of all, I had a lot of trouble in the beginning and the reason for the trouble was that where should I start learning from?

There was a lot of material on the internet, but the whole material is scattered, no one is teaching systematically and practically.

And now when I have experience for so many years in this field and when new people come in this field and ask for guidance, I guide them very easily.

And I have also created this ethical hacking course because of that, who wants to learn something new, but they are unable to learn it.

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